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Computer Club Houses around the world
- 111 pages presenting all the club house communities

The Clubhouse Learning approach (opens in pdf)

Learning by designing - by Mitch Resnick




Social Networks



ARTICLES (opens in pdf)
Mitchel Resnick
The Media Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Access Is Not Enough
Computer Clubhouses in the Inner City

Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age
Chapter 3

The Computer Clubhouse: Technological Fluency in the Inner City
Published in:
High Technology and Low-Income Communities
edited by D. Schon, B. Sanyal, and W. Mitchell
MIT Press, 1998

HOW TO (opens in pdf)

Welcome to the new Clubhouse Sparks!
activities to "spark" creative projects at the Computer Clubhouse. These activities,
contributed by managers, mentors, and staff of all of the Computer Clubhouses in the
Network, are designed to support your work with young people.

Edited by Jan Gejel (opens in pdf)

Computer Clubhouse the core ideas

Computer Clubhouse - in a few words

Being a mentor in a Computer Clubhouse
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