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WHY YOU should take a look at the website?

… if you are a teacher, a mentor, a community worker, a community stakeholder,or just interested in new ways of learning for the young people … then maybe you would like to see what all the youth and people involved in the project did during the two years, 2011-2013
… and perhaps you get some inspirations from all of them…

To take full advantage of new technologies, we need to fundamentally rethink our approaches to learning and education— and our ideas of how new technologies can support them.

Mitchel Resnick, MIT Media Lab - Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age

Most research as well as everyday evidence confirm the existence of a mismatch between the
media culture of young people in the new generations and the classroom didactics, the traditional
way of organizing education in EU throughout centuries.

Moreover, much evidence indicates that at risk young people are, in fact, able to learn, and quite talented. But they learn differently than the standard-students of the traditional education system.
The project aims to deliver concrete models of media based didactics to prevent drop-out, early
school leaving and poor learning results.

The LABlearning consortium offers

  • Counselling on media laboratories for disengaged youth for national and European educational policy-makers
  • Collaboration on the establishment of media laboratories in formal and non-formal contexts for institutions and communities
  • Training in managing media laboratories for disengaged youth for teachers, mentors and youth workers
  • The LABlearning consortium offers its services on non-profit basis and always links the media laboratories to 21st century learning.