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TYPE OF LAB Media Lab learning in formal secondary education and in non-formal after school community provisions

DESCRIPTION The Catalan LAB activities will be linked to the community of Salt Girona.
The activities will involve two different settings and forms of learning, integrated in formal secondary education at the Vallvera College and integrated in the non-formal youth provision, La Fabrica – however the Catalan LAB activities will involve a larger network of interested institutions and NGO's, including the Salt Municipality.
However, the target group is expected to overlap: some of the young students at the Vallvera might participate in the non-formal after-school provision. This means that there might be several links between the two different provisions.

THE SCOPE OF THE LAB At the Vallvera the LABs will be integrated in the formal curricula as an ongoing activity throughout the school years, whereas the non-formal La Fabrica will be able to offer the youth teams more flexible time frameworks, as the provision is not bound by formal curricula. At the Vallvera a group of media interested teachers will be involved along with the one or two secondary classes.
Resources from the neighbouring multimedia university, ERAM, will participate in the LAB activities at La Frabrica, working with mentors as well as youth teams.

LOCAL SUSTAINABILITY AND EXPLOITATION EXPECTATIONS The Catalan LAB activities are very much linked to the Salt Community at large, as NGO's such as SER.GI and Casals dels Infants, along with the Salt Municipality, wish to learn from and exploit the LAB experiments.
Therefore the LAB activities will be important to the entire community and serve as a future model for re-motivating disengaged youth.