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TYPE OF LAB Media Lab learning in empowerment classes in need of special provisions and in basic formal VET provisions

DESCRIPTION The LABs will address all new empowerment classes and also students in the formal VET Pedagogical Assistant education.
In the first case the LABs will replace the classrooms and traditional teaching and engage the young people in long-term projects in which they will express themselves with a variety of creative media, including developing learning games.
In the last case, the LABs will be a dimension in the formal Pedagogical Assistant education, and link the activities to the use of creative media.

THE SCOPE OF THE LAB The LABs will include all new introductory year students and parts of the Pedagogical Assistant students. A group of 6-7 college teachers will be engaged in the LABs.
The LAB activities will be ongoing from Autumn 2012 to Spring 2013.

LOCAL SUSTAINABILITY AND EXPLOITATION EXPECTATIONS The media LABs are expected to provide solid models to be step-by-step implemented in all the College's VET educations within a period of 3-4 years, in parallel to the building of a new physical College campus based on creative learning principles.